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How can you use it?

At Watt2Trade, our primary objective is to make electricity trading accessible to all.

Functionality with Dex

Our Token is linked to electrical energy since each one is equivalent to 1 KW or 1000 Watts with which you can obtain benefits for each Kilowatt you use in Watt2Trade’s Electricity Trading Platform.

Reduced fees

Obtain discounts on the fee per Kilowatt transacted on the platform by staking your token in one of the electricity markets.

Voting Rights

Vote on the decisions involved with the offer of positions and the characteristics of trading in the electricity markets available on the Watt2Trade platform.


Earn rewards by staking your tokens for each electricity trade you make within the Watt2Trade platform.

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What makes the watt2trade token unique?

Become part of the Electricity Revolution. Check out Watt2Trade Tokenomics and change the world with every watt.

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